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We are all just humans in search of something greater

I listened to An Unquenchable Thirst as an audio book in my car. Living way up north in New Hampshire gave me ample time to listen while driving all over the state. In fact, I found myself looking for excuses to just get in my car and drive to the oddest places so that I could continue the story. Long after finishing Mary's book, I thought about it. I felt a desire to talk about it to other friends and found her story fascinating on many levels.

First, Mary's story is honest, perhaps even when it may have been uncomfortable to do so. Second, we all search for love, meaning, and whether we believe in God in life. Her exploration within the Catholic faith as a nun often confirmed my own thoughts, and sometimes shed new insights into a world that is largely hidden from the rest of us. The life of a nun can be soulful, empty, loving, and cruel at times.

The story leaves me with the thought that we are all just humans in search of something greater. But, we are all creatures of this earth with instinctual and innate desires to experience the love and touch of another human being in a way that cannot always be fulfilled by the highest teachings in conventional religions. And, we shouldn't feel guilty about that. Even Mother Teresa struggled...

Thank you for sharing, Mary.


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