I was moved by your honesty
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Mary Johnson

I cannot begin to tell you how moved I was while reading your book. You are amazingly brave to have shared the inner most details of your experiences.  I was raised a Catholic, although I do not belong to the Church any longer I still have grappled with my feelings. I have always been intrigued by Mother Teresa and wondered what it would have been like to have worked with her. Mother Teresa was a friend of my Cousin (Bernadette Coomaraswamy)

I believe they met while she visited India. I so wish I had the opportunity to have met her.  I was also very moved by your honesty regarding your sexual awakening.  In doing so you will free others to believe we should not suppress our passions,  they are normal and a beautiful part of life.

I do hope I have the honor of meeting you someday. I wish you well.

Thank you for writing such an incredible book, I felt like I experienced your journey along side you.


Bernadette A. Sanders is a Registered Nurse who is employed at a Surgical Center in the Recovery area. She holds a degree from both Northeastern University and Rivier College. In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry, spending time with her family and traveling to San Donato, Italy, where she is closely connected to her Italian Ancestry. Currently she resides in Windham, NH with her husband Gregg, and two children Travis and Deirdre.

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