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You are an inspiration of HOPE, Love and Faith

I randomly picked up your book from my library when I saw the title and Mother Teresa's name on the cover. I had no idea what I was in for. My new interest for biographies arose from somewhere but I can't say where. I mostly read Spiritual Psychology books and books that may inspire me to stay on my path of LOVE.

I am not a Catholic nor do I participate in any Religious groups, although I did in the past. I believe in God. Like you, God that IS the goodness in me. Your book has revealed so much and much of it I can relate to. I commend you for your courage to write with such honesty and dared to be bold. I admire that about you. You are an inspiration of HOPE, Love and Faith. Hope, Love and Faith in one self. With that being said, and for the lack of better words to describe your book and the impact of the message of HOPE, Love and Faith, I want to sincerely thank you. It was no accident that I picked up your book last week. It took me 8 days to complete listening to your voice, leaving me feeling, feelings I can't describe, except a reminder that "We are already powerful" and to feel empowered, we must use our powers. Thank you for sharing your story.

- Volene Persaud lives in Toronto, Ontario