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Mary's honesty is inspirational

I came across Mary's An Unquenchable Thirst when I googled Amazon Books: Women, Religion, Memoir. Never for a moment did I expect to find a story about a nun, an ex-nun, and Mother Teresa. I was especially curious to read Mary's story as I had just finished writing my own memoir (working title: 'Veiled in Silence') about my experiences as a nun in the Roman Catholic Church and the Palmarian Catholic Church.

I bought Mary's book immediately, as an ebook, and spent the best part of the following two days reading from cover to cover. Her journey of faith and love as a woman and, more especially, as a nun is fascinating. And her honesty is inspirational.

Although I live on the other side of the world, Downunder, in New Zealand, it is wonderful for me to know that there are women like Mary - strong, unafraid and articulate.

I admire Mary's courage, revealed in her memoir. She tells her story with openness and honesty. Her example of sacrifice and love for the poorest of the poor is inspirational - the price of her belief in God, Church and Mother Teresa. She risks her all - vows, vocation, dreams and Faith, compelled by a maturing sense of her inner self, a self that demands something else, something more.

While a billion Catholics stay comfortably united to the Pope in Rome, Mary has stepped out of her sari and walked away from everything she loved.

Because I am an ex-nun too, I thank Mary for sharing her story, knowing perhaps a little more acutely than many, something of the pain and loss associated with her journey. I hope to meet Mary one day and talk face to face.

Maria Hall lives in New Zealand. She recently finished her own memoir. Maria writes:

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