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What would I have done if I'd been Mary?

I should start by saying I am the publisher of 'An Unquenchable Thirst' in Australia, so I am biased. However, I am its publisher because it struck a chord with me. Mary Johnson writes as if she is talking to close friends and you quickly come to feel as if you know her. Then she opens up her heart and takes you into the world as it was for her when she was a nun. She delves into the good and the bad in equal measure; there are no rose coloured glasses, nor is there ever a feeling of resentment or animosity. Mary went on an astonishing journey during her years as a Missionary of Charity, and she invites us, as readers, to go with her, walking up and down a most unusual and unpredictable path. All the way along I would ask myself, what would I have done if I’d been her? Mary shows us her driving passion for life and her need to make the most of every situation, even when she is wondering: is she doing the right thing, is this really the life for her? A strong story about an unusual life that will make readers question aspects of their own – this is what resonated for me.

From Bernadette Foley in Sydney, Australia